Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sew Along: Popover Sundress Week 2

OK I'll admit it. I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry. Things got a little crazy around here. The new shop has been keeping me busy. We made the front page twice last week!
I also redesigned the blog. What do you think?

But onto the task at hand.
Hopefully if you're playing along you've already printed and cut out your pattern. (And resized it if needed)

Remember to prewash your fabrics before you cut out the pattern. I'm going to be using two quilting cottons for this dress.

When I was learned to sew my grade 7 home-ec teacher had us pin the patterns to the fabric. I blindly did this every time I've sewn anything else ever since. Recently I realized that it was a load of busywork. That's right, I said it. My home ec teacher knew that it would take us a full class or two to pin and cut out all the pieces. And she was much happier reading a book.

My secret? It's crap. Seriously, I use the random things near me as pattern weights. Lots of people just go to the hardware store for heavy washers. (One day I'll make the trip and customize a set for myself)

This time I used my mason jar pincushion and my giant jar of buttons. (don't let a glass jar of buttons fall and land on your toe. It hurts.)

I like to do this on my ironing board because I can just walk around the board while cutting if any of the angles become awkward.

Don't worry about cutting out the straps. We're going to make some bias tape later for that. But if you want to jump ahead you can always refer to my Bias Tape Tutorial. (We'll be using the same method to make the straps for the dress as we did to make the bias tape.)

Remember to put the edge marked Fold along the fold. (And it's ok to refold the fabric so you're not cutting it out of the middle.) For most of the sizes if you're careful about how to fold it you can actually cut the pieces out beside each other.

Cut out two of each piece. The dress looks really sharp with contrasting fabrics for the yoke and the body.

Make sure that if your pattern has a definite direction you cut both pieces the same way. (a dress with right side up cupcakes on the front and upside down cupcakes on the back is going to look a little funny)

We'll actually start sewing soon! (I'm not going to wait a week before posting again, I promise.)
I'm going to assume that people know how to use their machines but if you have any questions just shoot me an email (see my new snazzy contact me button on the side?)


  1. I love the new style of the blog-however up on the left hand side where the labels tags are it buts right up against the text of the blog-very uncomfortable for the eye and confusing, im sure its an easy fix?(says she with no html or sewing skills)

  2. I like the new look!
    I know I'm jumping ahead but I've already made a few Popover Dresses and have my own way of finishing the seams - but I would like to know other folks methods doing it. I think I may make onw with a french seam one of these days.

  3. I love the new look of your blog and your shop. Kathy the fabric you choose for the dress is just to cute.

  4. Gosh I'd love to learn to sew. Think I'll check into it. What are the chances of grievous injury in this area of crafting? I'm not particularly graceful.

  5. Arkay fixed!
    Janimal - check out the Oliver and S blog! They just posted a tute on how I finish my seams:
    Glenda Thank you :D
    Brenna - It's one of those things that is easy once you get started. You'll be surprised! I think the worst "injury" I've had from sewing (aside from sticking myself with pins) is when I sewed my shirt sleeve to my project...