Thursday, October 7, 2010

Miniature Milestones

When you have little ones they hit milestones on a regular basis. Smiling is one of the first with laughing following shortly after. Sitting up, crawling, walking, talking. They all provide hours of entertainment and a real source of pride no matter when they are reached.
The miniature milestones that aren't on any development chart can also be very entertaining. Sometimes however they are only entertaining to the child who's learned them. (and maybe her sister.)
Last night was the perfect example. Now, fresh-headed from a night of sleep, I realize it was rather funny. At the time I did not.
D (10 months) learned a new skill last night. The girls share a bedroom. After putting them down D stood up and started crying in her crib. We usually give her a couple minutes before going in because sometimes she settles back down immediately. After a minute the sounds over the baby monitor changed, to laughter.
We could hear the girls playing together. T was busting a gut laughing. There were some concerning mysterious sounds which prompted me to return the toddler to her bed.
I walk into the room and aside from the laundry basket laying on its side and the toddler out of bed, something was wrong.
D was standing in her crib, smiling. I could see it clearly. Because:
The light was on.
At first I assumed the mysterious noises were the toddler climbing in and out of the crib. I figured T was responsible for the light. I turned it off, returned everyone to bed. A few minutes later the same party was going on in there. Justin went in to settle them. Upon his return he says "I didn't realize you left the light on" Which confirms it.
D has figured out light switches.
T thinks this is the greatest thing ever, given that D's crib is near the light
I was not amused.
It was 11:30 before we got the girls to sleep.

Today I'm moving the crib.

It's amazing how the little things can have such a profound effect on your life.

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