Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Baby is One Today

She's One.
Where did the time go?
A year ago Baby D was born at home. First blizzard of the year, the midwife got stuck behind a snow plow on the way over here and didn't quite make it on time.
A year ago Baby D was born into her father's hands.

A year previous, when T was born, she was a hospital birth. Everything about the way a hospital birth is set up is designed to make the laboring woman feel like she can't do this on her own. I left that experience feeling like I couldn't do the one thing my body was designed to do. Despite giving birth at a boutique hospital, I felt like nobody genuinely cared about the well being of me and my baby.
I felt like I was in a Monty Python Sketch hooked up to the machine that goes *PING*. Except it wasn't funny. At all.

So when D was born at home, in our own bed, caught by her father it was the most healing thing I could have experienced. It got a little less peaceful and intimate when the Cop and EMT arrived from when my Husband called 911. Aside from my own birth, I'm fairly certain that's the first time I've met anyone, let alone two men, whilst completely naked. The midwife arrived, spoon fed me ice cream while I nursed baby D for the first time. She helped me into the shower, helped my husband throw away the linens. She stuck around for a little bit to make sure I ate, and told me to spend the day relaxing in bed with the new little one.

T had spent the day with her Grandpa. She returned home at 9am, about 5 hours after her sister was born. When I brought the baby out of the bedroom to meet her, T got a HUGE smile on her face and she signed "baby." She loved her instantly.

These two are going to be the best of friends. I love them both so much.
Happy birthday little one!


  1. awww! they're BOTH beautiful! happy birthday little D! :)

  2. This would be an awesome photo to put on the BG page on Facebook. Very nice.

  3. LOVE that bottom picture! Fabulous! Happy birthday baby D!

  4. That bottom picture literally makes me all misty - sooo cute!