Friday, March 4, 2011

Nostalgia and Dipping Sauce

Everyone has their favorite pizza place.
My husband loves the one in our town that offers a lunch buffet. Even though every time I've had their lunch buffet I've spent the rest of the afternoon hiding in the bathroom.
I think it's the meat sauce.
Buffet lasagna sounds like a good plan but it never is.

My favorite pizza place isn't particularly good at making pizza... or wings... or really much. It does however serve two things I like so much that I will continue to order there as often as I can. Nostalgia and Dipping Sauce.

This was the pizza I ordered when I was in high school and we managed to scrape together enough cash for a pizza to share but we were too broke and cheap to pay for delivery (and tip) so we'd walk to go get it, a mile away, in the middle of winter.
This was the pizza we'd order in college when we were too busy studying/writing/coding/drinking to make anything for ourselves.
This was the place with the jingle that got stuck in your head. Long after I've forgotten the phone number to the house I grew up in I will still remember their phone number.

I've never enjoyed eating pizza crusts. My parents made it worse by saying "eat the crust, it'll put hair on your chest." As a kid I didn't understand the metaphor but I did understand that I didn't want a hairy chest.

Years ago the geniuses behind the Pizza pizza brand came up with a way to not just get me to eat the crusts but to look forward to it. Dipping Sauce. Sure, you could get a marinara at most places to dip in. These guys took it to the next level.

Creamy Garlic Dipping Sauce.

For those in the US I have found NOTHING that compares to this. So don't suggest I try such and such brand of salad dressing or veggie dip. I've tried it. Nothing compares to this stuff.

So that is why when my mom wants to order from a cute little mom and pop shop that makes fantastic pizza I refuse. I'm not order pizza, I'm ordering nostalgia and dippping sauce.

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