Thursday, April 7, 2011


I wasn't a chocoholic until my first pregnancy. I found chocolate mint chip ice cream. It hit everything I was craving in one bite. Between the mint and the cold it soothed the heartburn. Now I love this flavor combination.
So when Justin started experimenting with using real chocolate combined with some of the flavors we use in the marshmallows creme de menthe was one of the first flavors I wanted to try.

There was almost a fist fight in my house over the last one. So now we're having fun trying other flavors combined with chocolate. The chocolate almond is also fantastic!
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  1. Staring at this just makes my mouth water and think I'm going to instantly gain the 3 whole lbs I've lost over the last few weeks.... eeurrrrgh... <--that's "supposed" to be a nice sound... not a bad one! :~} Yumyumyumnomnomnom!