Monday, September 6, 2010

The 10 Minute Antidote

I over think things. I'll make a treasury and spend a full half hour just rearranging it and trying to tweek it.
I needed a way to curate and learn to trust my gut instincts while doing it.
So I started doing 10 minute treasuries.
10 minutes from "create a list" to "save"

Some of my friends have joined in, here are some of the treasuries we've come up with in 10 minutes or less! (The images are links to the treasuries)

Join in the fun! Tag your treasuries with 10 minutes so I can find them and share them here.

Don't forget to try out the Beginnings Treasury challenge for a chance to win some marshmallows!


  1. I tried it!

  2. Oops, I linked incorrectly in my comment.

    I tried it again because it's such a fun idea! Golden Fairies in 10 Minutes

  3. Hey, I did another one. Oaks in 10 Minutes

  4. Great idea, although I must confess my treasuries take me 20 mins or less. I'm a bit of a wham bam thank-you mam kind of girl!

    I'll be sure to tag if I do one in 10, that is rather pushing it!

    off to see what you did...