Monday, September 20, 2010

A life-altering event

I've had many life altering events happen in my life.
I'm married, I have two beautiful daughters.
But this particular event I want to talk to you about happened last Thursday...

I've been mixing marshmallows with a handheld electric mixer. If you've ever done this you probably have forearms like Popeye. Between carrying the girls around and making marshmallows I'm surprised I'm not significantly more buff.
Anyway, Back to the mixer. Thursday it quit. And not one of those polite, hand in your two weeks notice type resignations...
One of the spokes on the whisk popped off and marshmallowed everything in a 5 ft radius. Warm, gooey, whipped sugar oozed down the side of the toaster oven, the sink, the stove, a brand new dish towel, and, of course, Me.
Still covered in slime, I told my husband over IM that we need to go get a new one.
He suggested we get a stand mixer.
A *gasp* Kitchenaid.

I spent hours ogling stand mixers and decided that I didn't NEED the brand name one. J spent hours reading reviews and decided I did.

So Thursday night we hit up Sears to buy one.
The people who have one assured me that my life would never be the same, they asked questions like "what color?"
The people who don't have one asked me "a what?"

While the color options available online are staggering. (What other kitchen appliances can you get in 5 different shades of blue? Or two shades of black?? How is that even possible?) In the store we didn't have much choice. But they had the color I wanted. White.

No, I'm not a boring White-type personality. In fact just the opposite. I know that I'll be taking this into many kitchens in the future. And while I am all about a bright red one now, it may not fit in the kitchen of my 30s... or my 40s.

Several friends recommended naming it. So here she is, I present to you Doris. Named after my grandmother and my mother. So glad they didn't pass that middle name down to me.


  1. oh I hope you love it! I know you will. I have my little light pink one and love it to death.

  2. I've already made 4 batches of marshmallows in it. Making more tonight. I LOVE it :D

  3. My MiMi bought me one last year as an early birthday present and I literally squeeled. A kitchen outlet in Gettysburg sells refurbished ones and she had called to see if they had a pink one and they had just gotten one in. She picked it up the next day and I've been using it ever since.

    I can't even imagine making the amount of cupcakes I've been making lately with my little pink Kitchenaid hand mixer, haha.Mine's named Betty ;)

  4. It is life-altering! I have a bright, cherry red one and her name is Lucy. Happy baking :D

  5. Congratulations! The day I brought home mine (cherry red, I don't care what I'm like in the rest of my 30s and beyond), was a momentous one too!

  6. A KitchenAid really will change your life. After I got mine, I never figured out how I cooked before it entered my life.