Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Chore Chart Chalkboards

I've implemented a meal plan system that is working well for us. Now I need a way to tell everyone what's for dinner. I also need a way to let people know what my expectations of them are.
Admittedly at 11 months and 2 years my girls are too young for the chore portion to work for them. Right now it's all about teaching me to organize better. And to actually state my expectations. I can't get upset that my husband hasn't unloaded the dishwasher if I never told him to do it.
So here's what I've got. (There are a few frames missing because I need to find ways to mount them to the wall)

I found some great frames at my local antiques/consignment shop. The largest one was only $20! Brought them home and took out all the glass and backings leaving just the frame. I wanted a uniformly clean look so I spray painted them all with a glossy white.
Then for about $15 at home depot I bought some masonite board and chalkboard paint. I painted the whole board and then marked on the back where the cuts needed to be made by tracing the glass inserts that came with the frames. Once the board was cut each piece fit perfectly into its frame. Then all I had to do was hang them up.

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  1. oh! those are really cute! if i did that, i'd need about 10 of them! lol!