Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nothing says I love you like a stuffed mushroom

I want to be one of those families that sits down to a family meal every night. You know the ones you look back on and think "My mom was an amazing cook." I'd love to spend the time in the kitchen but with the smallest being so securely attached to mommy and in the middle of her separation anxiety phase, it's rare that I get time to focus on making a good meal. More often than not dinner is made by my husband. Don't get me wrong, he's a great cook, and he takes direction really well. But at the end of a long day at work he's not up for spending any longer in the kitchen or waiting for his meal than he has to.
Tonight I told my husband that I love him.
Via Stuffed Mushrooms.
I heard somewhere that "life is too short to stuff mushrooms" That's exactly why it's a special treat.
A stuffed mushroom says "I love you so much that I took the time to stuff these just for you while the baby tried to pull my pants down, tried to climb up my shirt and cried at me about what an awful human being I am."

But Damn were they delicious.