Saturday, March 12, 2011

I read really great blog on .
She's doing Project: Simplify. It is a 5 week series of challenges to help organize 5 hot spots.

On Monday she revealed the first hot spot. I swear it's like she walked into my home and picked out the one spot that needed the most work and would be the most motivating for me. Once this one spot gets organized I will be so much more motivated to stick to the rest of the weeks.

The challenge? Your closet.

Why was this one so difficult for me?
Well, for one, I've got a closet full of pre-pregnancy clothes, none of which fit my altered shape. But more than that.
Over a year ago my husband put his foot through the ceiling of our closet. Filled the closet with blown insulation. He patched the ceiling after a few months but we basically closed the closet and pretended we didn't have a giant mess to deal with. With two young children in the house, and the master bedroom as one of those off limits zone, it quickly became a dumping ground for all the things we didn't want them to have. I haven't even opened my closet in a year.

I spent the week on it.

I took pictures at the beginning and near the end. (I've straightened up even more since I took these, but it needed to be done while there was still good light.) There's a lot more stuff in the room right now than I want, but the basement flooded so I can't put anything down there until it's cleaned.

Here are the before and after.



  1. WOW! That is amazing <3 It makes me wish I had a closet to organize :P One thing that our old house is def lacking... closet space.

  2. What a transformation! I've recently reorganized my entire house, but I think I need to do it again soon.