Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life interrupting life

Every now and then life interrupts a wonderful routine I've got going.

Life just interrupted my life for a month but I'm back.

Sort of.

I'm couch crashing with the girls at my mom's. Actually it's the three of us in my old bedroom, which really isn't too bad. Except when we all need to be sleeping. And one of us (not going to name name) keeps waking up and crying because she's hungry or the other one (again no names) wakes up crying "Mommy mommy mommy. Sooooooooooooooooo." Finding her "soo" (pacifier) and going back to sleep.

Waiting for US Immigration to return my passport and visa so I can go home to New Jersey. Immigrating has been a super fun adventure involving thousands of dollars, multiple copies of every certificate ever issued to me (I think they even asked for my grade 4 report card), two trips to Montreal (thank god they didn't route me through Vancouver) and showing my junk to some lady I've never met before. (yes, I just called what's in my pants my junk, I'm kinda worried about what using any other term for it would do to my blog's SEO. I don't want people finding my blog by searching strange combinations of things I normally blog about and my junk.)

Fortunately it will be over soon.
This afternoon I'm heading to pick up my passport and visa from the DHL depot. I could have them take it to the local DHL depot for free, but to have it delivered to my house would cost an extra $15. Whatever. I have my license. I can do the delivery company's job for them if it means I get my stuff back faster.

Being here means we're out our usual forms of entertainment - like hanging out at the local Ikea and eating meatballs till we puke. We brought the media server we keep in the playroom up here as an easy way to transport all the kids movies. In true toddler fashion though, we've only watched one. Over and over and over and over. She gets credit for wanting to watch Bolt. I think if I had to watch the Little Mermaid this many times I would be making crab for dinner and telling her it was Sebastian.

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  1. I hope your able to get back home soon. :)